If we're an agency, can we buy one template and use with multiple clients?

Yes, you can re-sell, or if you want your clients to pay us directly, then register for our Dealer program and you'll earn referral fees.

Is this easy to set up?

Yes, very easy. The template is configured to work out-of-the-box and runs on Manychat which is a bot maker tool with simple controls. You just click to edit stuff. There is zero code. It's like building a website in your browser. We include a 25-page user manual on everything you can do with a Slot Bot, and if you need experts to help set it up, contact us and we'll introduce you to a bot builder.

Can you explain how the location-based features work?

Location-based features are optional. If you want customers to "check-in" to a location (and have your bot collect and store address data in custom user fields), you'll need a location key so your bot communicates with Google Maps. When you install the template and run the setup, you'll get a key. There is a cost from Google, but if you buy this template we'll give you 100 free requests EVERY month. Upgrade for more Google Maps API requests. (1000 requests are $25).

Can you help me promote our Slot Bot?

For sure! We want to see an army of Slot Bots out there. One for every niche and serving local business everywhere. If you buy a Slot Bot we'll feature it in the Slot Bots app, and as more Slot Bots get created we'll set up a network for cross-promotion between all of the Slot Bots. Each Slot Bot can open another Slot Bot and users can play and earn all different types of rewards.

Will you be updating Slot Bots?

Yes, we'll provide basic support for your purchase to ensure your purchased version is working as advertised.