Slot Bots Add Vegas-style Game Mechanics To Messenger.

Play for fun. Win for real.

Slot Bots are marketing machines that live inside of Facebook Messenger. They enable businesses to attract, engage, and reward customers using Las Vegas-style game mechanics.

Slot Bots is a complete framework for conversational gaming you can build on yourself with zero programming experience. Optionally, you can engage us for professional services to customize a Slot Bot for your brand.


Need a Template?

  • Vegas-style game mechanics
  • Customize every element
  • Create skins with emoji
  • Bonus round and mini-games
  • Daily Bonus flows
  • Prize catalog flows
  • Multi-location support
  • Analytics and report flows

  • Easy setup and easy to manage
  • Connect other loyalty tools
  • Password-protected admin tools
  • 80+ Manychat flows!
  • 25-page PDF User Guide
  • Agency license rights included
  • Manychat Pro account required