Manychat Slot Machine Template
Slot Bots A Toolkit For Creating Conversational Games

Conversational Games Made Easy

Slot Bots enable marketers to attract, engage, and reward customers using Las Vegas-style game mechanics. You just connect leading chat marketing apps together in a few simple steps.

The Toolkit includes a Manychat template for game logic, a Botsheets template for managing game content, and Walletly for rewards. No code is required to add game mechanics to a chat marketing project.

The Toolkit

What's in the Toolkit?

  • Vegas-style game mechanics
  • Customize every element
  • Multiple emoji skins
  • Mini-games
  • Daily Bonuses for re-engagement
  • Prizes managed from Google Sheets
  • Leaderboards

  • Easy setup and easy to manage
  • Password-protected admin tools
  • 80+ Manychat flows!
  • Gaming and Reward Analytics
  • Agency license rights included
  • Botsheets and Walletly are free